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Reem Hills is a new freehold community with a canal and plenty of beaches, located on a man-made hill, on the beautiful Al Reem Island. The developer of the community is Q Properties and at the moment Reem Hills is still under construction. The estimated date of completion will be known at a later date.

Q Projects unveiled the transitional residential development Reem Hills in Abu Dhabi with the goal of giving real estate players the opportunity to acquire luxury. The building, which costs AED 8 billion and covers 1.8 million square meters, is situated in Abu Dhabi’s Reem Islands. Reem Hills Abu Dhabi offers its tourists a getaway from the hectic city life they lead. It is the activity of being in a wilderness while feeling completely satisfied. The man-made Reem Hills on Al Reem Island alter the area’s flat scenery where the desert hugs the sea in Abu Dhabi.

Al Reem Island in Dubai is getting attention through its man-made hill. One such reason for the attention is its elevation, Reem Hills is already at a height that provides its residents with a good view of greenery and luxury but there are buildings structured at such a height that residents get to have an uninterrupted 360° view stretched over the sea. From a high building, residents find themselves looking down at the unending greenery and blue waves. It is a scenic view of serenity urging the spectator to live their life at the moment or, as they say, carpe diem. 

This location’s financial appeal is that it offers the most affordable prices of any projects in the UAE. Reem Hills maintains a youthful tourist base as a result of its proximity to the multi-specialty hospital Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi.

Buying a house or any other property, whether for one’s own use or as an investment, is an opportunity that no property seeker would want to pass up. The return increases to 6%. A Reem Hills villa offers a better, greener, and more opulent life while costing about 5% less than a typical villa.

Created for an Elevated Lifestyle

You can get the best of both environments at the Reem Hills. In this gated neighborhood, residents enjoy tranquility, luxury, and good health. There are four different kinds of villas from which prospective owners and renters can select. Another choice that people have is the amount of bedrooms; one can pick from villas with five, six, or seven bedrooms. Too many choices, surely? Whatever option you select, you will be the proud proprietor or tenant of every architect’s ideal creation. There is a lot of outdoor area and the villas are roomy. Let’s now take a look at some of the houses in Abu Dhabi’s Reem Hills. starting with a 10,487 square foot area and finishing with a 19,153 square foot area.

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